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Est. 2011

Lee Wins The Daytona 500!

    Most wont remember the first Daytona 500 Legion presented a few years ago, and some wish they could forget. This years Daytona 500 was nothing like the first, but it sure was just as crazy. Qualifying started the craziness early as two by two the drivers paired up and attempted to set the fastest lap. Parker held the quickest time for a while before Newson took the fastest time in the middle of the session in a pack of cars. No one would come close to Newson's time though and he would win the Pole for the 2015 Daytona 500.
    The start of the race was met with anxious drivers and daring passes as everyone scrambled to see just what there car was capable of. Parker would lead the first lap as everyone took the top spot early, and often. Some drivers, like Newson, after leading a lap settled in for the long 500 mile race. Others were all about mixing it up. Several cautions early including one "Big One" settled the field down for a moment but once the green flag came back out the pushing and shoving continued. 
    By the middle of the race things had settled down a bit and the big story was Crnich exiting the race prematurely, he wouldn't return. A caution filled early half led to a almost caution free middle as drivers ran single file for many laps, eventually getting to the point for the first green flag pit stops of the day. But just as they started Parker was lost, and wouldn't return as well. The handful of leaders then agreed on a lap to pit on and did so together. Duncan on the other hand had his own pit strategy and would frequently go a lap down before catching up.
    The last segment of the 500 was met with nervous drivers and one final green flag pit stop. Atwood, Newson, & Lee agreed on a lap and pitted with fifteen to go while Duncan pitted again trapping him a lap down again. Duncan would later get his lap back but no caution would come out to help him catch back up to the leaders. As the final laps clicked off Atwood led Newson & Lee as they all tried to plan where they wanted to be on the final lap. As the three leaders took the white flag and hit the back straight Newson made his move rocketing up and beside Atwood as they entered turn four. Newson would hit the wall and loose all his momentum just a Lee came up to challenge Atwood as they entered the tri-oval. Lee would go low while Atwood was in the middle and get side by side and when they hit the line Lee had won the Daytona 500! By just over a tenth. "Yes yes yes yes yes!" Lee screamed, overjoyed. Atwood finished 2nd just beside, Newson recovered and took 3rd, Duncan unlapped himself but was stuck by himself and finished 4th, Parker went to the garage early and took 5th, as did Crnich for 6th. zman was credited with 7th though he couldn't make the start.

2015 Daytona 500
5.R.Parker (DNF)
6.D.Crnich (DNF)
7-zman (DNS)

Newson/Rivera/Lee Make History In 24 Of Daytona

    With what was quite possibly the most competitive and historic 24 hours of Daytona in the books the 2015 Endurance series started off with a major bang. Weeks before the race even began it was clear the field would be tighter, and the competition tougher than ever before and the race itself didn't disappoint.


Rivera (LM55) led the LMP field in qualifying with Parker (TSO30), and Newson (Speed 8) in close proximity. In GT, Lee (Z4) just out qualified Cunningham (R8) and Duncan (Z06). The race got underway in the middle of the afternoon under dry and sunny conditions, Rivera opened up an immediate lead over the other LM drivers, eventually lapping them in the opening hours. GT was another story as Lee & Cunningham battled hard for the opening hours, Lee eventually took a small and fragile lead of a few seconds over Cunningham. A few hours in Duncan pulled the Z06 into the garage and withdrew the entry. As day faded into night Rivera continued to gap the field, Parker made changes to his Toyota in the pits and was able to keep relative pace to the leader. Newson ran slower laps and had the occasional issue of his own. As night fell in GT, Lee still hadn't gaped Cunningham by more than twenty seconds as making time was difficult.

    The night shift saw everyone settle into a rhythm, and settle into the long darkness ahead. By this time Rivera had a couple laps between him and the field, but the racing had tightened up and progress was made slower than ever. In GT Cunningham still had Lee in sight, with every mistake a costly one. Duncan had rejoined the GT race briefly, this time in a SLS only to retire again after thirty minutes of running. After 8 hours or so, the drivers started to devise plans with each other. It was agreed that Rivera & Newson would swap rides for the rest of the night, a move that started a strange series of events.

    Now with Newson leading in the LM55, Parker started to make up time, as did Rivera who was now racing out of third. At the half way mark in the race, the stars shined brightly over the circuit and in GT Lee had stretched his lead to one minute over Cunningham, a gap that fluctuated wildly as Cunningham's pit strategy was winning him a major battle of the 24 hour war. In LM Newson brought the LM55 to the garage for the night after several hours of running. This then lead to a deal between Parker and Rivera. Parker agreed to allow Rivera to make up the two laps he was behind him and resume the race, a race that would shortly become for the over all lead. The battle lasted for hours as the two traded fast laps getting ever quicker Rivera would pull away and eventually put himself a lap head of the field. In the early morning hours in GT, Lee managed to lap Cunningham but not before another well fought battle between them, this time to stay on the lead lap. 

    The predawn hours introduced a new element into the race as rain began to fall, light at first, then turning heavy. This new challenge was met by joy for some, frustration for others, and indifference by few. In LM Rivera continued to lead eventually putting two laps between him and the field. Newson rejoined the battle in the LM55 and was out right fastest, but hundreds of laps down. The rain was a major influence in GT as Cunningham, for the first time, lost major time to Lee over a short period of time. Lee would gain another lap over the GT field as dawn broke over the rainy scene.

    Daylight finally returned only to reveal the changed landscape of the race. Rivera in the Speed 8 had pulled out a couple lap lead in a car that at one time was 6 laps down, all be it to himself. In GT Lee had put a couple laps on his competition as well after what was nearly 14 hours of deadlock. The races end was creeping ever closer, but not close enough for Parker. After 20 hours of hard running, doing everything he could to try and best Rivera, Parker took the Toyota to the garage and officially retired. 

    With just three hours to go, the rain stopped and the track began to dry. In GT Cunningham parked the car a couple of times before officially retiring just hours from the finish. The race had been decided at every position and a proposition was made for Lee to take the Speed 8 to the finish. Rivera then gave was to Lee in relief and the final couple hours were spent reflecting on the race. The Speed 8 and the team of drivers that got it there celebrated the checkered flag and the piece of history they had just written. Phil Newson, Angel Rivera, & Jesse Lee had won the 2015 24h Of Daytona in the now legendary Speed 8. Parker took a hard fought 2nd, Lee won GT and placed 3rd overall, Cunningham kept it close for 20 hours and got 2nd in GT and 4th overall, the Rivera/Newson LM55 entry was third in LM and 5th overall, Duncan placed 3rd and 5th in GT, and 6th & 7th overall. 

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 24h Of Daytona over the years, it is because of you that we still do this event, it has proved to be one of the most exciting Endurance races on the Legion calender. Thank you everyone for your participation!

Race Facts:

  • First Trio Of Race Winners
  • First Time The Same Driver Has Won Both Classes
  • Bentley Speed 8 Has Won All Three L.E.S. 24 @ Daytona
  • At Half Way There Was A Lead Battle In Both Classes
  • Duncan Actually Raced This Year

Pos.             Overall                                              LM                                        GT
1          Newson/Rivera/Lee                  Newson/Rivera/Lee                          Lee
2                  R.Parker                                       R.Parker                          A.Cunningham
3                    J.Lee                                     Rivera/Newson                   J.Duncan (Z06)
4            A.Cunningham                                                                          J.Duncan (SLS)
5            Rivera/Newson
6            J.Duncan (Z06)
7            J.Duncan (SLS)

Lee Dominates The 24h Of LeMons In A Hyundai Of All Things...

     Last week I mentioned L.E.S. doesn't have that many races they could run for the first time, but the 24h Of LeMons was one of them, and we had an open week on the calender, so why not? All the drivers had to do was buy a car for 16,000cr or less and bring it to the famed Willow Springs for a 24h race, what could possibly go wrong?

    Parker (Golf '76) set the tone in qualifying squeaking out a quicker time than Lee (Tiburon) but when the green flag flew, chaos ensued. Lee jumped out to the early lead while Parker took command of the 2nd position. Newson (106 Rallye) settled into third early before taking the fight to Parker for 2nd, Atwood (CR-X) was close behind for much of the opening laps. Rivera (Curveo) on the other hand....had brought the wrong car. 

    Now, being in the desert driving a piece of junk can sometimes play tricks on a man. Parker got distracted and pulled off the track moving most of the field up a spot. Rivera didn't seem to have the pace so he decided to heckle the other cars as they passed him a move that landed him in Atwoods dog house. At a later stage Cunningham (Civic/Integra) decided to join the race and laid down some of the fastest laps in the race. This led to Ovac losing his god damn mind. He started propositioning Newson for sexual favors (that are not exactly legal in Britain anymore) and started taking selfies while driving. This had a dramatic effect on his car control, and caused other drivers to have to swerve out of the way. 

    All of these things led to the races end. Lee, now with 300 new pictures to instagram (#NoFilter), won the race in his Hyundai Tiburon, Newson came home a strong 2nd in his Peugeot 106 Rallye, Atwood ran a soild 3rd in his Honda CR-X, despit missing part of the race Cunningham came in at an amazing 4th in his Honda Civic or Integra (let's face it they all look the same), Rivera took 5th after a eventful day on track, and Parker in the Golf Mk 1 took 6th....where ever he got off too, some say...another planet.

    In the end you have to ask yourself, was the race really worth everyone's sanity? You bet it was! This was certainly the best way to send an off-season, and we would like to thank everyone for participating in our various events! Next week Legion gets back to its crown jewel, the Legion Cup! The 2015 Winter Cup draft is this weekend! Hope To See You There!

Pos.                  Name                                       Car                                     Sanity Level     

1                        J.Lee                              Hyundai Tiburon                           SELFIE!

2                    P.Newson                       Peugeot 106 Rallye             Bow Chicka Wow Wow

3                    S.Atwood                             Honda CR-X                                 -MUTE-

4                A.Cunningham                     Honda Something                      ......................

5                     A.Rivera                           Mitsubishi? Curveo                    Bugatti Owner

6                     R.Parker                         Volkswagen Golf Mk 1       Guardian Of The Galaxy

Lee/Parker Take First Suzuka 1000km

    It's not very often that Legion Endurance Series can do something for the first time. But the Suzuka 1000km was unknown territory for the series so as you would image it was going to be exciting.

    Lee (Supra) was quickest in GT500 while Duncan (RX7) set the pace in GT300 in qualifying and after the grid was set the race began. Lee created a gap straight away while a under the weather Cunningham (GT-R) struggled in the opening laps, allowing Atwood (HSV) to move up to a comfortable 2nd in the GT500 field. Meanwhile Duncan did a disappearing act of his own leaving the rest of the GT300 class far behind. Parker (Lexus IS) wasn't comfortable with his car at the start but managed to keep 2nd in class while Newson (Impreza) had his own issues early eventually settling into the race. 

    A battle emerged for 2nd in GT500 as Cunningham and Atwood went at it for a few laps before Cunningham took the spot. Meanwhile trouble hit Duncan as he exited the race while leading over a lap ahead of his competition. Parker would take the GT300 lead and put Duncan two laps down before he rejoined the race. Duncan would later retire for good. Newson wasn't going to settle for 2nd as late in the going he made a charge and drove up to Parker getting right behind him at times but with just a few laps left, his tires fell off ending his pursuit early. 

    Lee ran a clean race and won GT500, while Cunningham had a up hill battle and recovered for 2nd, and Nasfire kept it interesting and placed 3rd. Parker fought his car but was rewarded with the GT300 win after a nearly down to the wire battle with Newson who proudly took 2nd, Duncan had everything going his way early but was forced into 3rd after having issues.

    It was a race that kept you guessing for a lot of positions right down to the end, something that the L.E.S. is know for we hope to see you for the last race of the off-season, The 24h Of LeMons @ Willow Springs!

Pos.                            GT500                                               GT300                                        

1                                  J.Lee                                               R.Parker

2                           A.Cunningham                                    P.Newson

3                               S.Atwood                                        J.Duncan (DNF)

Dunacn Emerges The Winner In "Run What Ya Brung"!

    It's no secret that Legion League isn't short of creativity, this is how "Run What Ya Brung" was born. The race was to be held at LeMans and the only limit was a 800HP restriction, and the race did not disappoint. Lee (Mazda 787B) was quickest late in qualifying, taking pole from Parker (Toyota 7) who had a Super Bowl to get to.

    The race started with a colorful field that saw everyone getting into the action. Sometimes, a little to into the action. The race had a constant theme through out. Spectacular wrecks that led to a sea of laughter, and of course the caution flag. Perhaps the bravest driver was Rivera who piloted the Auto Union while Parker & Lee just hoped to hang on to there terrifying machines. Newson (Lotus 97T), Cunningham (Pescarolo JUDD), & Duncan (BMW V12) seemed to have an easier time. But sooner or later the track, and competition bit everyone.
    Usually as the race approaches the end the mood turns serious but this didn't seem to happen as fast as usual, as it took to the last few laps for the mood to change. Everyone was fighting for spots on what they thought was the last lap but as time expired, the leader crossed the line signaling one more lap. This let more drivers into the fray. But one by one, the pack was sorted out and in the end it came down to Cunningham & Duncan for the win.
    Cunningham made a slight mistake and lost contact with Duncan in the Porsche curves but Duncan has a slip of his own coming to the finish but would recover and win the race! Cunningham took a solid 2nd, Parker took 3rd despite having issues of his own late, Lee was 4th after throwing away a shot at a podium at the end, Newson 5th after doing the same, and Rivera....look we're all just glad Rivera is still alive after he tried to drive that Auto Union.

Pos.                                  Name                                                              Car                                      
1                                    J.Duncan                                                       BMW V12
2                                A.Cunningham                                             Pescarolo Judd
3                                     R.Parker                                                         Toyota 7
4                                       J.Lee                                                         Mazda 787B
5                                   P.Newson                                                       Lotus 97T
6                                    A.Rivera                                                         Auto Union

Newson Wins Back-To-Back, Lee Returns To Victory At 6h Of Fuji

The final round of the WEC (World Endurance Championship) for Legion had more than enough to keep you interested and it all started with a stout field. Duncan (Peugeot 908) was able to just out qualify Parker (Toyota TS030) in LMP1, while Lee (Zonda LM) handily took pole in GT3. 

    The race began and the battle was on. Every lap Duncan & Parker traded the top spot while Newson (Audi R18) ran at a comfortable pace behind the battle. Meanwhile Lee was under attack early from Rivera (Camaro LM) & Cunningham (Ford GT LM) a battle that died out after the opening laps. The battle up front died out eventually as well as Parker emerged the clear leader, and Duncan retired after becoming stationary on the track for a time. A fight for 2nd in GT3 soon broke out and would become more significant later, as Rivera & Cunningham spent the majority of their race battling one another all over the circuit.

    Newson would find himself being put a lap down while running 2nd overall just after the 2 hour mark. But shortly after the overall leader, Parker, would suddenly leave the race and wouldn't return. Putting Newson the only LMP left standing and the overall leader. The shake up's were not over yet as just over halfway Rivera would leave the GT3 battle he was having in a bid to overtake his friend Duncan in LMP1. This left Cunningham as the clear 2nd in GT3 as well as 3rd overall. In the end Rivera would turn enough laps to overtake Duncan for 3rd in LMP1, and the finishing grid was set. 

    Newson would win his 2nd L.E.S. race in as many weeks! Lee would win GT3 and take 2nd overall, Cunningham scored 2nd in GT3 and 3rd overall, Rivera took 3rd in GT3, and 4th overall, Parker retired but still ended up 2nd in LMP1, and 5th overall, Rivera recorded 3rd in LMP1 and 6th overall, while Duncan after taking pole recorded 4th in LMP1 and 7th overall.

    Early battles at almost every position turned into clear victory's in the later stages, as well as some shocking upsets. All of this has granted some time to prepare for the next challenge, The 24h Of Daytona in January. This concluded L.E.S. (Legion Endurance Series) races from WES events for the year but the L.E.S. isn't done yet. At least 2 more endurance events left on the calender before the Winter Cup Season begins. We hope to see you there!

Pos.                    Overall                                  LMP1                                    GT3                   

1                        P.Newson                            P.Newson                               J.Lee

2                          J.Lee                                  R.Parker                          A.Cunningham

3                    A.Cunningham                         A.Rivera                               A.Rivera

4                    A.Rivera (GT3)                        J.Duncan

5                        R.Parker

6                  A.Rivera (LMP1)

7                       J.Duncan

Lee Wins Inaugural Race At Sierra

    GT6's newest track Cicuit de la Sierra played host for a first of its kind event. Legion's Endurance drivers were tasked with finding a 450PP road car for a 4h event at Sierra, but it didn't all go as planned. Lee took the pole for the race in a Pink Civic EK but the surprise of the race came from Rivera and his Honda Element who came from the back of the grid to 2nd in the first turn of the race. Lee would run away from the field in the opening laps as Parker drove his 106 Rallye back to 2nd. As everyone settled in Atwood retired citing that the car and track just didn't agree with each other. Newson in a RS200 found himself in a position battle with Rivera for much of the opening hour, a battle that apparently made everyone go a little crazy.

    Parker gave up his pursuit of Lee to join Rivera & Newson. Soon after Lee followed suit parking and waiting from the lead. This led to everyone in the group helping each other brake more efficiently thus catching Cunningham and his RS200 up. Cunningham being himself, drove off with the lead, creating a scene of the group fighting to catch up to him. As time ran down everyone resumed racing to settle the final positions. Lee would win, Parker took 2nd, and Newson finished the podium in 3rd. Cunningham took 4th as Rivera took to the pits late and finished 5th, Atwood retired early for 6th.

Legion Endurance Series Presents: 4h Of Sierra

Pos.                               Name                                 Car                         

                    1                                 J.Lee                            Civic EK '97

                    2                               R.Parker                         106 Rallye

                    3                              P.Newson                           RS200

                    4                           A.Cunningham                       RS200

                    5                               A.Rivera                            Element

                    6                              S.Atwood                            Firebird

Newson & Cunningham Score Come From Behind Wins At RBR!

    What a day for Legion League Endurance Series at the first ever 4 hours of Red Bull Ring. LMP2's and GT3's were on display and neither class failed to excite. Parker (Pescarolo) took LMP2 pole over Newson (Audi R10) in LMP2 as Lee (Audi R8) took pole in GT3.

    The race started out rutine enough with Parker pulling out a massive lead and Lee doing the same in GT3. But after some time it was clear Lee was getting terrible fuel economy, and after to many mistakes Cunningham (Ford GT) took a commanding lead. Atwood (Audi R8) faced a different challenge in not being familiar with the car or the track, this proved to not be to hard a task as soon he was up to speed in the tricky to drive car. Meanwhile Parker pulled out a two lap lead in LMP2 as Duncan (Audi R8 TDI) brought his car to the garage and retired. Meanwhile in GT3 the seesaw battle continued as Lee would retake the lead, only to lose it again some laps later on another pit stop. 

    Meanwhile drama in LMP2 as Parker, 2 laps ahead of 2nd, unexpectedly retired half way through the race, ending his day. Newson would take the overall lead. Duncan had another trick up his sleeve as he joined the race in a GT3 car this time (Corvette C6) and would have a battle with Cunningham before falling off his pace. Atwood continued to turn laps until issues took him out of the race. Near the end the GT3 battle hotted up one last time as time got short Lee had one last push and got within seconds of Cunningham but, once again ran out of tires, netting Cunningham a decisive victory.

    As time expired Newson would cruise to the overall victory in his Audi R10, Cunningham would record the win in GT3 and 2nd overall, Lee had to settle for 2nd in GT3 and 3rd overall. Atwood had his share of bad luck but recorded 3rd in GT3 and 4th overall, Parker also had unfortunate luck and took 2nd in LMP2 and 5th overall. Duncan ran in both classes, taking 6th (GT3) & 7th (LMP2) and 3rd in LMP2 & 4th in GT3. 

Pos.                    Overall                             LMP2                                    GT3         

1                        Newson                          Newson                            Cunningham

2                     Cunningham                      Parker                                     Lee

3                           Lee                              Duncan                                 Atwood

4                        Atwood                                                                        Duncan

5                        Parker 

6                    Duncan (GT3)

7                    Duncan (LMP2)

Lee Scores Smooth & Calm (10-4) Win At 6h Of Brands!

Fall is here and so is Legion Endurance. The opening event of the series brought current GT3's to Brands Hatch for a fast, intense battle that saw a little bit of everything.

    The event got started with a nail biting qualifying session that saw Lee (SLS AMG) take the pole in a close contest with Parker (Audi R8) as time expired. Starting conditions were sunny but, being Briton, the weather was expected to turn wet. Lee & Parker had a riveting battle from the start both taking turns leading in the opening hour. Everyone knew coming in that limiting your time on pit road would be important in having a shot to win, and no one did a better job of this than Rivera (Nissan GT-R) who went at least double the distance on his tires while still running relatively quick times. This allowed him to take the lead as the rain moved in. Once the rain started soaking the track, the always quiet Cunningham (BMW Z4) found himself running the quickest lap times in the changing conditions as he battled Newson (SLS AMG) for position and the leaders to stay on the lead lap.

    Eventually the weather would move off, and the picture for the finish became more clear, Lee had mounted a half a lap lead on Parker, as Rivera, Cunningham, and Newson were all put a lap down late. Again, being Briton, afternoon sun found it's way back to Brands Hatch for the finish. But before that could happen, Parker took one last shot at the race's fastest lap and he didn't so much beat it, he smashed it by almost a whole second. And as time expired, Lee crossed the line to win the Endurance Series 6h Of Brands Hatch in his Mercedes SLS AMG! Parker finished a brilliant 2nd in the R8, Rivera took an unexpected and well deserved 3rd in the GT-R, while Cunningham was able to take a steady 4th in the Z4, and Newson fought as hard as he could taking 5th in the other SLS AMG.

    The battles on track were fantastic, whether they were for position or not it was a exciting race to watch, and that theme shall continue as in two weeks L.E.S. takes on LMP2 & GT3 in the same race for the first time, all at the Red Bull Ring! See you there!

Legion Endurance Series Presents: 6h Of Brands Hatch

Pos.                               Name                                 Car (GT3)                                    Behind

   1.                                 J.Lee                    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG                          0.00

   2.                              R.Parker                                 Audi R8                                     -55.624

   3.                              A.Rivera                             Nissan GT-R                                     -1L

   4.                         A.Cunningham                            BMW Z4                                        -2L

   5.                            P.Newson                  Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG                           -3L

Ovac Wins For 2nd Year / wheelman1313 Classes Up N24

If you wanted to see an interesting race then Legion's 2nd Annual N24 was the race to see. The hardest 24h endurance race in the world got underway with qualifying under threatening skys. Ovac set the pace in Group 9 in his TVR Speed 6 TC as did wheelman1313 in Group 10 in his Vintage '65 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 Zagato. The rain would then fall and the 4WD entry in Grouip 9 of drewpy420 would go out, as would Group 10's Darth_Raiden in a Subaru Rally Race car. Though the 4WD cars didn't take the pole everyone knew when the race went green it would be quite another story. And as the race got underway it was clear, in the wet drewpy420 was the pace setter with the GT-R in Group 9, leaving Ovac far behind in the TVR. It was a closer battle in Group 10 where wheelman1313 started off in front of the Subaru of Darth_Raiden with his classic Alfa Giulia, but was then caught and passed, only to swap the lead position again and again over the opening laps. The rain showed no signs of stopping as the sun went down, raining intensely for at least 6 hours before finally letting up as night fell on the Nurburgring. drewpy420 continued to lead running a sublime race as he had pulled out over a three and a half minute gap on 2nd place Ovac in Group 9. Meanwhile wheelman1313 had finally gotten the best of Darth_Raiden and had pulled out a gap of about a minute or so. As the track dried, the race got tighter, the drying conditions allowed Ovac to start reeling in drewpy420 over the night segment. wheelman1313 on the other hand had gaped Darth_Raiden by a few laps before Darth decided to pull it in the garage and end his pursuit. Ovac would eventually draw even with drewpy420 before passing him for the overall lead. A-R-T-Angel had joined the race during the night in a Group 10 GT-R and was able to match pace with wheelman1313 and even go faster, but was some 18 laps down. drewpy420 also took exception at A-R-T-Angel during the race for comments made about his race car and even "leaned on him" a little as he passed the slower Group 10 car. A-R-T-Angel would retired from Group 10. Up front it wasn't much of a battle any more, Ovac had made exellent time in the dry and even started lapping his competition as day broke. A-R-T-Angel then tried a Group 9 car and was nearly involved in an accident with Ovac as his car was unsettled by some changes he had made. A-R-T-Angel would again retire after running a few laps and having a server crash. Daylight illuminated questionable skies as the race entered it's final phase, something drewpy420 needed to get back in the race but unfortunately bared no rain as the clouds burned off, giving way to the only sunshine of the event. wheelman1313 had locked up Group 10 and was feeling a little mechivious so he abandoned his Alfa and jumped into another Group 10 car, his Golf Touring Car and turned enough laps to get on his own podium again. As time expired Ovac crossed the line in the TVR to win the N24 for a 2nd straight year, drewpy420 2nd. wheelman1313 took on all challengers and won Group 10 in his Alfa Giulia and took 3rd overall, Darth_Raiden took 2nd in the class and 4th overall. wheelman1313 took 3rd in the same class he won and 5th overall. While A-R-T-Angel took 6th & 7th overall and 4th in Group 10 and 3rd in Group 9. It was nothing if not interesting as yet more records were made and history recorded. See you all next time!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in Legion's Endurance Series over this Spring, it was very enjoyable and fun to have all of you take part. The Legion Cup will return this weekend (June 28th) with the Legion Draft! Hope To See You all There!

Race Facts

  • Ovac Has Won Both LN24's
  • wheelman1313 First Driver To Record A Triple Podium
  • wheelman1313 Won Class In Oldest Car In 24h Endurance History

Pos                             Overall                           GP9                                GP10
1                                  Ovac                            Ovac                          wheelman1313
2                              drewpy420                   drewpy420                      Darth_Raiden
3                           wheelman1313(Alfa)     A-R-T-Angel                    wheelman1313
4                            Darth_Raiden                                                        A-R-T-Angel
5                           wheelman1313(VW)
6                             A-R-T-Angel (GP10)
7                             A-R-T-Angel (GP9)

Ovac / wheelman1313 Make History At LeMans

Legion's 2nd Annual 24h Of LeMans featured new cars, and some interesting strategy. Darth_Raiden & Ovac teamed up to become the first co-drivers in an endurance race (LMP1) while wheelman1313 attempted to win GT (Won Overall Last Year). In LMP1 Darth/Ovac drove the Audi R18 unopposed in qualifying with Darth having the fastest lap. wheelman1313 in the BMW GT2 out qualified drewpy420 in his usual GT-R R35. The race began under mostly sunny conditions and Darth_Raiden scampered away while wheelman1313 did the same in GT. The opening stages were very calm with only a few cars on track. wheelman1313 would lap drewpy420 in the opening four hours as Darth_Raiden ran smooth laps in LMP1. With dusk approaching a driver change for the Audi R18 saw Ovac take over the wheel and saw a new challenger in the class emerge. A-R-T-Angel entered the race in the Peugeot 908. Meanwhile wheelman1313 kept up the pace as night fell and the fireworks filled the sky. A-R-T-Angel would retire the 908 during the night after a crash in the Dunlop curves. Rain would find the track as night turned into daylight soaking the track causing some head scratching on what tires to use and A-R-T-Angel had once again rejoined the race, this time in GT3 in a Jaguar XJ220. The weather slowed the pace but didn't break any momentum. Darth_Raiden also took a turn in a GT3 car during the morning, a Civic Touring Car. Darth would turn a few laps before retiring the entry. A-R-T-Angel would also retire after an accident in the Jaguar as the morning and the rain wore off. drewpy420 enjoyed the wet weather driving as he was able to keep the pressure on wheelman1313, only being 2 laps behind him and refused to fall another lap. As morning turned into afternoon it was clear that the Audi R18 was going to be victorious at it's first 24 Of LeMans but wheelman1313 had to continue to turn quick laps as to not let drewpy420 catch up. The sun came out and the track dried up in the final hours of the race and as the race clock hit all zeros as the Audi R18 entry of Darth_Raiden/Ovac crossed the line winning the 24h Of LeMans! wheelman1313 kept the pace all race and would come 2nd overall and win GT3! drewpy420 ran hard and kept the pressure on for 3rd overall and 2nd in GT3. A-R-T-Angel turned the next most laps for 4th overall and 3rd in GT3, and 5th overall and 2nd in LMP1 in a LMP. While Darth_Raiden, who won the race, also took the final position 6th overall and 4th in GT3. It was a race of firsts and history made for a lot of drivers some of which we may never see again. See you all next time!

Race Facts:

  • Darth_Raiden's First Championship Win
  • Darth/Ovac First Co-op Endurance Champions
  • Ovac / wheelman1313 Have Now Both Won In Class And Overall 24h Of LeMans
  • One Game Error Related Caution

Pos.                      Overall                                   LMP1                                     GT3
1                   Darth_Raiden/Ovac            Darth_Raiden/Ovac                  wheelman1313
2                     wheelman1313                       A-R-T-Angel                           drewpy420
3                         drewpy420                                                                       A-R-T-Angel
4                      A-R-T-Angel (GT3)                                                            Darth_Raiden
5                      A-R-T_Angel (LMP1)
6                      Darth_Raiden (GT3)

wheelman1313 Drinks The Milk At Indy 500

Legion's 2nd annual Indy 500 actually started before race day with qualifying. The top three drivers set times on pole day included the pole winning time set by Ovac, while A-R-T-Angel started 2nd, and home town favorite wheleman1313 in 3rd. Race day was full of promise as nearly everyone felt they had a chance at visiting victory lane. The green flag dropped and wheelman1313 jumped out front straight away before the pack took turns leading at the line. Tire wear became an issue as the first run got near it's conclusion. One by one, drivers fell out of the pack but not wheelman1313 & A-R-T-Angel. drewpy420, Darth_Raiden, & Ovac would all go a lap down early due to pitting but would all be saved by A-R-T-Angel spinning. The same thing would happen on the next run as wheelman1313 put the majority of the field a lap down, only to have a spin occur and bunch everyone up again. As the race hit half way more and more drivers were getting a feel for the cars and keeping up with the leaders, Darth_Raiden managed to come from 5th to 1st on one straight away and set the fastest lap of the race. 

    A-R-T-Angel had several issues on the track during the race, leading him to retiring early after leading. Ovac led much of the 2nd half with wheelman1313 hanging on his outside, meanwhile drewpy420 was setting up for the finish using longer distance tires in an attempt to leap frog the lead pack, while Darth_Raiden ran a steady pace a straight away behind the lead group. drewpy420 would in fact take the lead after the leaders pit but would be caught with 10 laps to go. At the finish wheelman1313 made his move on Ovac in the first turn on the last lap and would hold the position as they came around, wheelman1313 would win his home race, the Indy 500 for the first time! Ovac brought it home 2nd, Darth_Raiden's steady drive allowed him to pass a fading drewpy420 in the final laps for 3rd, drewpy420 took 4th, and A-R-T-Angel didn't finish for 5th. Congrats wheelman! 

                                                Pos.                                Name                                                 

                                                  1.                            wheelman1313

                                                  2                                   Ovac

                                                  3                            Darth_Raiden

                                                  4                               drewpy420

                                                  5                              A-R-T-Angel (DNF)

Ovac / wheelman1313 Take Spa 6h

Legion's 6h Of Spa got off to a unusually lite start, with less than usual in the field. Never the less qualifying saw Ovac (R8) on pole over Darth_Raiden (Pescarelo) in LMP; while wheelman1313 (RX-7) ran a blistering lap quicker than A-R-T-Angel (XJ220).

    The race began and almost instantly Ovac jumped out to a lead in LMP while wheelman1313 did as well in GT as A-R-T-Angel struggled early. Meanwhile Darth_Raiden came to pit road several times in LMP before finally pulling the garage door closed some 40 minutes into the race. Ovac cruised as A-R-T-Angel found pace in GT but was half a lap down. wheelman1313 would match his pace keeping him behind. In the end wheelman1313 secured the win in GT, and the group crossed the line together. Ovac won overall, wheelman1313 2nd overall and a GT win, A-R-T-Angel 3rd overall and 2nd in GT, and Darth_Raiden 4th overall and 2nd in LMP. See you next time at the Indy 500 and the 24h Of LeMans!

Pos.                   Overall                        LMP                          GT              

1                          Ovac                          Ovac                 wheelman1313

2                  wheelman1313             Darth_Raiden          A-R-T-Angel

3                    A-R-T-Angel                                                    

4                  Darth_Raiden                                           

Spason23 Takes Late Lead / Ovac Crusies To Historic Win!

Legion Endurance took part in it's first ever historic endurance race, that included old GT cars, and Group C LMP's. at the world famous Laguna Seca. Darth_Raiden (Sauber Mercedes) took the Group C pole, while Ovac (Ferrari 250 GTO) took GT pole. Darth_Raiden battled spason23 (Nissan R289) for the overall lead in the opening laps before Darth_Raiden would take a commanding lead. In GT Ovac left the GT field but would drewpy420 (Shelby Daytona) wouldn't make it easy. While wheelman1313 (Chevy Camaro z28) tried different tires during the course of the race. spason23 had several issues in Group C which only helped Darth_Raiden keep the lead. spason23 would take the lead several times only to have to pit, or have an off that sent Darth back to the top spot. There were also lovely GT battled between the three drivers, not usually for position but battles none the less. Late in the race the caution flag came out for the only time when spason23 and Ovac collided and spun. This allowed spason23 to pull right back up to Darth_Raiden for the final few laps. Once green again the race was on for the overall win as they went back and forth several times for the win. Meanwhile drewpy420 wanted to finish on the lead lap and fought Ovac hard. With two laps to go, spason23 took the lead for the final time and would win the race in dramatic fashion. Darth_Raiden finsihed 2nd, unhappy about finishing runner up after leading the majority of the race. Ovac won GT by just 1 lap and took 3rd overall. drewpy420 took a strong 2nd in GT and 4th overall after a smooth race. wheelman1313 used the race as a test session and took 3rd in GT and 5th overall, and more importantly had fun. A-R-T-Angel could have joined late but chose not to, and gets credit for 4th in GT and 5th overall.

Pos.                   Overall                        LMP                          GT              

1                       spason23                   spason23                    Ovac

2                   Darth_Raiden             Darth_Raiden             drewpy420

3                         Ovac                                                     wheelman1313

4                     drewpy420                                              A-R-T-Angel (DNS)

5                 wheelman1313

6                   A-R-T-Angel

Ovac / wheelman1313 Dominate 6h Of Silverstone!

For the first time Legion Endurance took to Silverstone for a six hour battle. wheelman1313 (Subaru Impreza TC) took GT pole while Ovac (R18) set fastest lap in LMP. The start of the race was dry and straight away wheelman1313 took control of GT, while a battle for overall between Darth_Raiden (R18) and Ovac broke out and continued after a short early caution. Darth_Raiden broke away with the lead during the opening laps before Ovac took over the overall 1st position shortly before the first round of pit stops. In GT it was a battle for 2nd as A-R-T-Angel (Alfa 155) and drewpy420 (GT-R) spent the majority of the opening stages swapping back and forth. The weather then turned very British as light rain fell, eventually soaking the track. This caused issues for some but not for class leaders Ovac & wheelman1313. Darth_Raiden took a unscheduled pit stop before the rain started to fall and after found it difficult around the circuit losing time to GT leader wheelman1313 who eventually made his way to 2nd overall, 2 laps ahead of Darth_Raiden in the R18. In the second half the skies let up and the sun came back out, but even still the track drying was slow. This allowed A-R-T-Angel & drewpy420 to continue there battle for 2nd in class and kept Darth_Raiden in the hunt for 2nd overall. In the closing laps Darth_Raiden would manage to erase a 2 lap lead and take back 2nd overall with only a few laps left. As the checkered flag fell Ovac crossed the line in his R18 some 6 laps ahead of his 2nd place Audi team mate Darth_Raiden. wheelman1313 had no challenge in GT and finished 3rd overall. A-R-T-Angel had some rough laps but ultimatly took 2nd in class and 4th overall, while drewpy420 took 3rd in class and 5th overall after battling all race. U_B_SNYPED was credited with 3rd in LMP and 6th overall and a DNS on the grid. It was amazing display of driving talent in the changing conditions that in the end displayed some great racing to the finish. See You At Spa!

Pos.                   Overall                        LMP                          GT              

1                         Ovac                         Ovac                wheelman1313

2                   Darth_Raiden          Darth_Raiden           A-R-T-Angel

3                  wheelman1313         U_B_SNYPED            drewpy420

4                    A-R-T-Angel

5                     drewpy420

6                  U_B_SNYPED

Ovac / wheelman1313 Clean Up At Bathurst 12h!

The Legion Endurance Series has returned for the first ever 12 hour race. GT3 & GT4 were the classes that would do battle and Legion showed up to take on the challenge. Ovac & wheelman1313 set the pace in qualifying and the race started under dry conditions. In GT3 Ovac (FTO Super Touring) led the field around while drewpy420 (GT-R R35 Touring Car) & spason23 (Impreza GT300) race each other for 2nd. While in GT4 wheelman1313 (Xara Rally Car) & A-R-T-Angel (Pajero Raid Truck) battled it out in the opening stages as Darth_Raiden (Civic Type R Race Car) kept close. Then rain came in giving the 4WD cars a leg up. A-R-T-Angel would take the lead in GT4 while spason23 parked his car in GT3 and later lost connection, it was a sign of things to come. Ovac continued to lead, lapping the field by the 2 hour mark as rain showers came and went. Later on wheelman1313 lost connection, giving A-R-T-Angel a massive lead as Darth_Raiden soon after brought his car to pit road for almost an hour. The race wore and eventually a caution occured when drewpy420 & Ovac got into a accident and blocked the track. This allowed drewpy420 to start battling Ovac for his lap back, a battle that persisted for some time. wheelman1313 returned to the track for the middle stent some 30 laps down with a car more to his liking. Then tragedy, as GT4 leader A-R-T-Angel lost connection near the half-way mark. Allowing both Darth_Raiden & wheelman1313 to not only get back in the race but to take the lead and battle among themselves as they ended up on the same lap. Meanwhile in GT3 Ovac held a steady lead of a lap on drewpy420 as the gap fluctuated during the periods of wet and dry. wheelman1313 took the GT4 lead and started to lap Darth_Raiden as the race got into the later stages. Then disaster struck again, this time for drewpy420 as he also lost connection, giving Ovac a massive lap advantage. One last large rain storm hit the track before the evening sun came out for the final hours. drewpy420 rejoined the race, but a time later lost connection again and was out of the race. This allowed wheelman1313 & Darth_Raiden to log enough laps in the final hours to take over 2nd overall and 3rd overall. U_B_SNYPED joined the GT4 race late before retiring and joining GT3 (HSV). Darth_Raiden ended the battle for 2nd overall by losing connection, but returned to finish soon after during a caution. The final hour saw the sun sinking low and Ovac clinching 1st overall, then wheelman1313 2nd, then Darth_Raiden 3rd. A race that had started off very competitive, and very aggravating for some was coming to an unexpected end. And as the clock hit zero the cars formed up on the final laps and crossed the line. Ovac had led every lap and won the 12h Of Bathurst!! wheelman1313 struggled early with the car, but after a visit to the garage over came a massive amount of laps down to win GT4 and finish 2nd overall! Darth_Raiden ran steady but had several stoppages but in the end determination rewarded him with 2nd in GT4 & 3rd overall! drewpy420 ran really well all race until the end, where he fell out of the race unexpectedly and was forced to 2nd in GT3 & 4th overall. It was a tail of what could have been for A-R-T-Angel who left the race while leading he finished 3rd in GT4 and 5th overall. spason23 had issues early and often and took 3rd in GT3 & 6th overall. U_B_SNYPED ran both classes in the final hours finishing 4th in GT4, 4th in GT3, and 7th & 8th overall. It was a dominating performance by Ovac, and a mad scramble by the GT4 cars, and it certainly made it an interesting race to watch. We will see you all next month in Silverstone for the 6h Of Silverstone!

Legion Race Facts:

  • 3 Cautions
  • 6 Drivers Left The Track At Some Point
  • Ovac Led Every Lap
  • Ovac Only Drive To Never Leave Race
  • wheelman1313 Came From 25 Laps Down To Win GT4
  • First 12h L.E.S. Race

Legion Endurance Series @ 12 Hours Of Bathurst

Pos.                     Overall                                  GT3                                  GT4

              1                         Ovac                                   Ovac                          wheelman1313

              2                 wheelman1313                       drewpy420                      Darth_Raiden

              3                  Darth_Raiden                         spason23                        A-R-T-Angel

              4                    drewpy420                        U_B_SNYPED                    U_B_SNYPED

              5                   A-R-T-Angel

              6                     spason23

              7              U_B_SNYPED (GT3)

              8              U_B_SNYPED (GT4)

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Ovac / drewpy420 Make It 2 Years In-A-Row At D24!

For the second time in as many years, the L.E.S. will tackle the world famous 24 At Daytona. This year will see a smaller field but more action in tight fields which will even include an experimental class that will host the Delta Wing. This if the first time in L.E.S. history that 3 classes will be on the track at the same time. The hype has hit it's high point as the starting hour draws near, and as rumors of possible driver changes, and out-of class battles circulate in the series. Only time will tell how it will all play out, as the action begins at Daytona!

Hours 1-4

The race started off with overcast skies, and Ovac taking LMP pole, and drewpy420 taking GT Pole. wheelman1313 ran the 2nd quickest time of all as well. Once the race got underway rain was intermittent and would occasionally stop and the sun would shine. This pattern was consistent through the entire segment. Ovac led most of the first segment in his Bentley but near the end wheelman1313 in the Delta Wing took the top spot and would hold it after several hours of back and forth swapping of the lead between them. Darth_Raiden ran strong at first in his Audi R18 but struggled late, dropping back behind GT leader drewpy420,  in the Viper, who had put several laps on U_B_SNYPED in the Honda HSV.

Hours 5-8

The sun set and the darkness set in while wheelman1313 & Ovac swapped the lead again and again as rain began to fall, only this time the shower lasted long enough to warrant wet tires letting Ovac escape for a while before wheelman1313 ran him back down at the end and took the lead at the end of hour 8 while Darth_Raiden fought for 3rd overall with drewpy420 in the GT Class, which was beginning to look like a run away as drewpy420 lapped U_B_SNYPED several more times. CustomMotors53 ran laps in this session, before returning to the pits.

Hours 9-12

More of the same in the opening of this stage until wheelman1313 (Delta Wing) broke away from Ovac (Bentley) and took a commanding lead as the rains came in again harder than ever this benefited Ovac as it brought him right back into the fight for overall 1st. Darth_Raiden (Audi R18) found better pace for the most part before taking it to the garage for a while at hour 12. CustomMotors53 (R10) ran more laps in this stage only to resign from the race after a disagreement with another driver. drewpy420 (Viper) logged laps in GT ahead of U_B_SNYPED (HSV).

Hours 13-16

Night wore on as the battle continued between wheelman1313 & Ovac with only seconds between them. Meanwhile drewpy420 poured it on in GT as U_B_SNYPED parked for the night. Something that would become and issue when wheelman1313 spun off in turn 1 and became stuck behind U_B_SNYPED's not moving car. This caused a L.E.S. first, a red flag. This caused rounds of laughter among the competitors. The rains were heavy at times during this stage, making the going more tricky that in previous stages causing some wild slides through the grass but no major trouble was caused as the showers moved off.

Hours 17-20

Happy hour approached bringing some much needed daylight to what had been twelve hours of darkness. This provided a pickup to all the competitors left on the circuit. Darth_Raiden rejoined the fray logging laps and clinching up 4th overall. Meanwhile in the middle of morning sun, another rain shower slowed everyone down. Ovac struggled with poor tire choice as wheelman1313 had no such issue and grew the biggest lead of the race (1 minute). drewpy420, was in a race of his own, now looking to finish on the overall podium.

Hours 21-24

The rains of the morning burned off and gave way to more beautiful sunshine, as Ovac began to catch up to wheelman1313. This continued as yes more weather moved in, causing wheelman1313 to pit more often than he would like allowing Ovac to go past and open a lead of his own. The wet proved troublesome for the wheelman1313' Delta Wing causing multiple offs. To make matters worse these showers were off and on, playing right into the hands of Ovac's Bentley. Eventually the gap was opened to a lap. wheelman1313 finally called it quits after going a second lap down with only an hour and a half left. This allowed drewpy420 to circulate enough times to take 2nd overall. The final hour started with drying conditions and sunshine that would stay til the finish. Ovac (LMP, Bentley) would cruise the final moments and win his 2nd 24 Of Daytona followed by drewpy420 (GT, Viper). wheelman1313 (N/C, Delta Wing) would finish 3rd overall , Darth_Raiden (LMP, R18) took 4th Overall, U_B_SNYPED 5th Overall(GT, HSV), finished by CustomMotors53 in 6th Overall (LMP, R10). 


It was a nail biting 24 of Daytona that lived well up to it's reputation. A hard and long fought battle between LMP Class winner Ovac and Unclassed 3rd overall wheelman1313 came down to the final hours after 20+ hours of never being more than a minute away from the other. In the end changing weather won the race for the Bentley, while the Delta Wing had to pit more frequently because of it. This ruined it's strong suit, longevity. GT winner drewpy420 drove a quiet and fast race allowing him to beat not only his class but cars in other classes as well. 2nd LMP (4th overall) Darth_Raiden & 2nd GT (5th Overall) U_B_SNYPED ran a lot of the race, but also spent substantial time off track, which limited there finishing opportunity. CustomMotors53 ran considerably less than anyone else and left early and finished 6th.

Official Results

Pos.          Overall                                    LM                              GT                    Unclassed

1                 Ovac (680)                          Ovac                       drewpy420          wheelman1313

2             drewpy420 (645)               Darth_Raiden            U_B_SNYPED

3         wheelman1313 (641)          CustomMotors53

4         Darth_Raiden (432)

5         U_B_SNYPED (302)

6       CustomMotors53 (40)

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drewpy420 Wins 24h Of 24h Birthday Championship


The grueling 24h of 24 Hours has kicked off with race 1 at Daytona Road Course with Ovac claiming pole. The race was anybody's game as they raced off into the sunset. The rain came down randomly at times through the night hours, until it became steady just before morning light. It came down to drewpy420 & A-R-T-Angel on the rain soaked final lap, and A-R-T-Angel would sling-shot past drewpy420 to win his first LES race! drewpy420 2nd, wheelman1313 3rd, Ovac 4th, ShotgunRacing9 5th, Darth_Raiden 6th (DNF). 

2. LeMans

Race two got off to a good start but soon the rains came, causing all kinds of trouble. Nearly everyone struggled at some point to keep the cars on the road. It was safe to say the weather was unstable as it constantly changed, causing mistakes on pit road, and spins on the course. The weather would continue in this manor, into the final laps. After the track got back to dry it would yet start to rain, the very wet finish caused several last lap accidents. None of which were by drewpy420 as he cruised the final mile to victory, wheelman1313 took 2nd, Ovac 3rd, and A-R-T-Angel took 4th after blowing a chicane.

3. Nurburgring 24h

Race three saw a rocky start with multiple red flags and minor rain showers. All of that gave way to a dry race, that seemed to be anyone's game. The night proved difficult for most, if not all the drivers given the tracks tight confines. The morning gave new hope and reunited the field. After the final set of pit stops the stage was set for an epic finish between four cars. Ovac would beat them all back to the line to win! wheelman1313 finished 2nd after going side by side with A-R-T-Angel (3rd) across the line. drewpy420 4th, Darth_Raiden 5th, U_B_SNYPED DNF'd 6th. (There is now a tie for 1st drewpy420 & wheelman1313) & 2nd (A-R-T-Angel & Ovac). 


Race number 4 took place at Spa-Francorchamps. The race started out dry, but wouldn't stay that way for very long. The rain set in and wouldn't let up. drewpy420 in the only 4WD did well out front but would actually have to come from the back to win it all on the last lap! wheelman1313 2nd, Ovac 3rd, A-R-T-Angel 4th.


Race five started much the same as four. Dry at first but rapidly became all wet to the finish much to the distaste of most of the drivers. drewpy420 didn't mind though, as he cruised to an impressive 3rd win! All but locking up this Endurance Championship. Oh did we mention it's his Birthday? Ovac 2nd, Darth_Raiden 3rd, wheelman1313 4th.

6. Bathurst

The final race saw the Championship clinched within the first hour, assuring drewpy420's 3rd LES Championship. wheelman1313 conceded to 3rd overall and ran a Delta Wing under special rules as a test for Daytona. Ovac led the majority of the race and would win the rain-less race, while drewpy420 took 2nd, Darth_Raiden 3rd. wheelman1313 DNF'd in 4th, and CustomMotors53 DNF'd in 5th. 


drewpy420 won half the races with a brilliant choice of car, and excellent display of control. Ovac could do no better than 2nd after winning two of the races, as he struggled early. wheelman1313 had his share of bad luck, but even though he didn't win, he posted podiums in all but one race. A-R-T-Angel won his first LES race, but couldn't go the distance, and would settle for 4th. Darth_Raiden ran half the races with mixed results, posting one podium for 5th. ShotgunRacing9 & CustomMotors53 both ran just one race and posted the same result, which resulted in a tie for 6th. U_B_SNYPED ran only one race and didn't see the finish for 8th. It was a rough 24h for some, for others it was heaven as Legion completed it's first official GT6 event. As always Legion gives back with it's racing as this time Legion's drivers raised $625 for No Place Like Home of Los Angeles, a organization that gives children and teens tools for life. Well done guys!

Final Standings:









Ovac / mrmattsly Dominate Classes At Spa!

The final 24 hour race of 2013 has arrived in the forum of Spa-Francorchamps. GT3's & GT4 cars would populate the track for 24 hours of hard racing in uncertain conditions. Qualifying took place in sunshine, with Ovac (Dodge Viper) taking the GT3 pole, and mrmattsly (Mitsubishi FTO) grabing GT4 pole. With the sun shining the race got underway, and after a quick caution period, Ovac jumped out to a lead in GT3, while mrmattsly did the same in GT4. Darth_Raiden (Dodge Viper) had a strong qualifying effort but would drop back in the running order early when InFiNaTe_MeDuLa (BMW McLaren F1), & drewpy420 (Nissan GT-R R35) pressed hard in the opening laps in GT3. Nasfire (Mazda RX-7) went several laps down early to GT4 leader mrmattsly but with a stroke of bad luck mrmattsly left the race track, allowing Nasfire to not only take the GT4 lead, but put mrmattsly several laps down. In GT3 Ovac lapped the field, while InFiNaTe, drewpy, & Darth all battled on the same lap, changing positions with every pit stop. ShotgunRacing9 (Nissan GT-R R32) ran at the tail of the group and after 32 laps returned to the garage and pulled out of the race. As the afternoon went on rain showers would get the track damp, but wouldn't last very long. This caused several drivers to change tires, only to have to pit again for slicks. Ovac would lap the field again while all the rest of the GT3 drivers remaind locked in a battle for position. Nasfire led by several laps as well in GT4 over mrmattsly, when wheelman1313 (Toyota Altezza), who missed the start, joined the race. As the evening rolled on an unexpected exit from Nasfire left mrmattsly leading in a big way in GT4. Ovac would continue to dominate by putting the field more laps down, but the battle for 2nd wouldn't go away. InFiNaTe fought hard to keep 2nd, while drewpy & Darth fought for position with every lap. More rain came, this time soaking the track for a short while before clearing off soon after. ShadowMechachu (Pagani Zonda) would join the race from pit lane and turn laps. As the race raged into the the night Darth pulled his Viper into the garage for the night, while InFiNaTe & drewpy kept the battle going, and in the process kept Ovac from lapping the them more. mrmattsly continued to add laps to his total in GT4 while wheelman1313 took over 2nd in class. As the night wore on InFiNaTe pulled into the garage, leaving drewpy alone in 2nd in GT3. In GT4, mrmattsly pulled into the garage as well with a massive lead, while wheelman1313 abandoned his Toyota for a Nissan Silvia in the same class, and began to turn laps, his goal? Finish 2nd & 3rd in class. Morning over Spa, and energy was running low, over night had seen retirments, position battles, even real fights. Darth returned in GT3, just as drewpy pulled into the garage in 2nd, six laps down. Darth was attempting to snag 3rd in class from InFiNaTe and would get close just when InFiNaTe, Drewpy & mrmattsly returned to the race. wheelman would be successful in his hunt, and would take 3rd in GT4 before returning to the garage Darth would also take it ot the garage in GT3 knowing he could do no better. With the race down to it's last four hours, and no real position battles, it became about running out the clock. The rains moved in again, this time for good, soaking the track fully for the first time. With just two hours left Ovac unexcpectedly left the race track leaving the rest to finish the time remaining. As time expired Ovac & wheelman returned to the track to complete the final 2 laps for photo ops along with InFiNaTe, drewpy, & mrmattsly. They crossed the line for 1 to go in formation of there overall positions, then raced around the final lap, Ovac would cross the line and end the 24h Of Spa. drewpy420 would finish 2nd overall and in GT3, InFiNaTe_MeDuLa took 3rd overall and 3rd in GT3, mrmattsly took 4th overall and 1st in GT4, Darth_Raiden 5th overall, and 4th in GT3, wheelman1313 took 6th overall and 2nd in GT4, wheelman1313 also finished 7th overall and 3rd in GT4 by virtue of switching cars. Nasfire finished 8th overall and 4th in GT4, ShadowMechachu finished 9th overall and 5th in GT3, & ShotgunRacing9 took 10th overall and 6th in GT3. This final 24h race raised money for the Boys And Girls Club Of America, as a group Legion raised $1,126 for the charity! Legion would like to thank everyone for running in the Legion Endurance Series and helping raise money for these great causes, without you, none of this would be possibly you guys rock! And while the 24h races are over for the year, LES will continue running several 6 hour events later in the year, we hope to see you there!

                   Pos.                  Overall                           GT3                          GT4                     

                     1                        Ovac                            Ovac                      mrmattsly

                     2                    drewpy420                   drewpy420             wheelman1313

                     3              InFiNaTe_MeduLa       InFiNaTe_MeduLa       wheelman1313

                     4                    mrmattsly                   Darth_Raiden                Nasfire

                     5                Darth_Raiden            ShadowMechachu

                     6               wheelman1313            ShotgunRacing9

                     7               wheelman1313

                     8                     Nasfire

                     9            ShadowMechachu                   

                    10            ShotgunRacing9

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wheelman1313/Ovac Have To Race Each Other For LeMans Win!

The most famous endurance race of them all, the 24h Of LeMans and Legion's faitful showed up to take the historic challenge. In LMP spason23 (Toyota GT-One) took the pole over wheelman1313 (Peugeot 908). While in GT Ovac (Panoz Esperante) took the pole over drewpy420 (Dodge Viper SRT) & Darth_Raiden (Ford GT). After the grid was set the cars left the grid on the warm up lap under beautiful blue sky conditions. The green flag flew and wheelman1313 jumped out in font of spason23 in LMP and never looked back opening up a lead that grew bigger ever lap. Ovac led the GT field while drewpy420 & Darth_Raiden battled each other. After just an hour spason23 brought his Toyota to pit road and left the race in the early stages. Leaving wheelman1313 leading, racking up the laps. While the GT lead was being disputed due to differing pit strategies, changing by the minute. Eventually after almost 8 hours Ovac would put his GT competitors a lap behind him. wheelman1313 continued to lead overall, lapping the GT field at a rate of 1 lap every 2 hours as the sun set and the evening rolled in. At this point a few new competitors came out of the garage. InFiNaTe_MeDuLa (Bentley Speed 8) & Nasfire (Peugeot 908) joined the race in LMP. While ShotgunRacing9 (Audi R8) & CustomMotors53 (Ford GT) did the same in GT. Night rolled in and the fireworks were set off, lifting spirits in the dark. ShotgunRacing9, fighting a hand injury, called it quits fearing further injury and pain. A short time after tragedy struck for wheelman1313 when he disconnected from the race. This allowed Ovac (In GT) to take the overall lead as well as put Darth_Raiden (2nd in GT) 2nd overall and drewpy420 (3rd in GT) 3rd overall. wheelman1313 rejoined the race 6 laps behind the overall leader but ahead of the next LMP by over one hundred laps.  InFiNaTe_MeDuLa ran well in LMP, and kept pace with wheelman1313 in the night. Nasfire (LMP) returned to the garage in the middle of the night, but would return to continue the night shift. The rain moved in overnight, soaking the track and slowing the pace down. Darth_Raiden (GT) pulled into the garage over night ending his fight for the GT win and his long running battle with drewpy420 for 2nd class.  The wet and dark conditions caused problems for most drivers, causing them to run off the track into the sand, or spin around in the low speed conrners. This caused a caution, the races only one, as several cars pilled up into the 2nd chicane. This allowed wheelman1313 to make up more time he had lost, as well as put drewpy420 back on the same lap as Ovac for the GT lead. After the track went back green wheelman1313 continued to gaining back time, lap by lap. A short time later drewpy420 had connection issues putting him several laps behind the GT leader. As dawn broke the rain let up, and gave way to a beautiful sunrise over the race track. InFiNaTe_MeDuLa (LMP) left the race in the morning, after completing enough laps for a podium in LMP. While Nasfire continued to run, hoping for more than 3rd in the same class. The morning also saw CustomMotors53 (GT) returning to the garage after racing through the night. And promted the return of Darth_Raiden in GT who looked to lock up 3rd in class. Ovac remained the overall leader as the sun came up the track got dryer, while wheelman1313 had made up 4 of the 6 laps he had lost in the night. drewpy420 (GT) brought his car down pit road and parked for a while, before rejoining the race as the rain began to fall once again. CustomMotors53 (GT) returned for the finish of the race and was greeted for the next several hours the weather. The rain played tricks on the drivers, as rain showers kept the track surface in a constant state of limbo between wet and slick tyres. wheelman1313 made his way to 1 lap down in this period as major fatigue began to set in. The sun came out for the final hours of the race and spason23 (LMP) returned to turn a few laps before leaving the race for the final time. With just 3 hours to go, wheelman1313 passed Ovac for the overall lead. One by one all the positions became locked in as the end of the race loomed. Darth_Raiden (GT) was garanteed 3rd in GT, then drewpy420 locked in 2rd in GT and 3rd overall. wheelman1313 went on to lap the GT drivers a couple of times in the last hours. While Nasfire (LMP) continued to turn laps, locking up 2nd in LMP. After 24 hours, wheelman1313 crossed the line for the final lap, assured the win. wheelman1313 slowed down to pick up Ovac, GT winner, and they crossed the line together to finish the race. wheelman1313 won Legion's 24h Of LeMans! Ovac 2nd overall (1st in GT), drewpy420 3rd overall (2nd in GT), Darth_Raiden 4th overall (3rd in GT), Nasfire 5th overall (2nd in LMP), CustomMotors53 6th overall (4th in GT), InFiNaTe_MeDuLa 7th overall (3rd in LMP), spason23 8th overall (4th in LMP), and ShotgunRacing9 9th overall (5th in GT). It was a wild and drama filled race, that certainly lived up to its hype. wheelman1313 has always loved LeMans, and winning it all was clearly a dream come true for him. As always Legion gives back, the charity of choice this race was United Way. Legion drivers raised a record breaking $2,338.50! The pot will be devided in half and donated to United Way Quad-Cities & United Way Birmingham. Legion would like to thank all of you for your generous time contributions to do good in the world. Truly you are gamers who care, and are making a difference! Below are the final results:

No.       Overall                              LMP                               GT              

1.     wheelman1313               wheelman1313                      Ovac             

2.           Ovac                              Nasfire                        drewpy420        

3.       drewpy420               InFiNaTe_MeDuLa             Darth_Raiden      

4.    Darth_Raiden                   spason23                  CustomMotors53    

5.         Nasfire                                                          ShotgunRacing9    

6. CustomMotors53


8.      spason23

9. ShotgunRacing9

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Ovac Wins Home Race, The Coke 600!

The Coca-Cola 600 from Charlotte Motor Speedway is one of NASCAR's "Crown Jewels" and not to mention, NASCAR's longest race and LNS was going to run them all (400 laps). U_B_SNYPED earned his first pole of the year and would lead lap 1 only to be over taken by Ovac. Caution soon followed and after the restart Ovac would lead wheelman1313 by less than a second for most of the run. wheelman1313 would have issues with a tightening car and fall back a bit. Ovac continued to lead, eventually lapping the field before caution came out again in the middle stages of the race. By this time ShotgunRacing9 had already quit and Teffticles decided to call it quits as well. A little bit later Darth_Raiden parked his car, but did not quit. drewpy420 gave Ovac a run for his money in the middle stages, almost completing the pass before backing off, the gap would then grow. mrmattsly led some laps during green flag pit stops as he was pitting off sequence and was getting great fuel milage as well. Ovac's lead was erased when a caution came out just after halfway, but would take off and lead wheleman1313 and drewpy420. U_B_SNYPED got into some trouble when he got caught in pit road, and would sit there for over 150 laps, before mrmattsly kindly assisted him out of the pits, solving the problem. wheelman1313 & drewpy420 had a epic battle for 2nd in the last 100 laps, wheelman1313 would pass drewpy420 on the track before the final pit stop but drewpy420 would get out of the pits ahead of wheelman1313 by a small margin. wheelman1313 would get close but wasn't able to make the pass. But no one was catching Ovac as he would relap the field at the end of the race, and cruise to his 5th LNS win and win at his home track! "CHARLOTTE!!! THAT'S A WIN!" exclaimed Ovac. drewpy420 would take 2nd, wheelman1313 3rd, mrmattsly 4th, U_B_SNYPED managed 5th, while Darth_Raiden ran enough laps for 6th, and Teffticles & ShotgunRacing9 DNF'd respectivly. Next week, the Legion NASCAR drivers have a new challenge, the Monster Mile. See you there!

Coca-Cola 600 @ Charlotte







7-Teffticles (DNF)

8-ShotgunRacing9 (DNF)

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drewpy420 Wins Close Indy 500 Finish!

The Legion crew hit Indianapolis Motor Speedway today to run the Indy 500, America's most famous race. wheelman1313 sat on pole by twelve one-hundreths of a second (0.012). The race got underway in the traditional way with a three wide start. Ovac would lead the opening lap but wouldn't be able to hold the position long as everyone got into the fray. mrmattsly qualified well got disconnected some 20 minutes in. A while later, Teffticles would also leave the race. wheelman1313 & Ovac set the pace in the early running, as they ran away from the rest of the cars until caution came out for the first time. Speaking of which, there were several bad accidents, one that inlcuded the entire field except the leader (wheelman1313) off turn 2. Once the cautions cleared up drewpy420 & spason23 joined the battle up front while InFiNaTe_MeDuLa & Darth_Raiden had a brilliant battle for 5th. Darth_Raiden would eventually fall off the lead lap and as would InFiNaTe_MeDuLa while the lead pack ran laps in the 39 bracket. (Pole Speed Was 41.8). spason23 laid back most of the race, keeping in contact with the leaders, while drewpy420 did the same occasionally making a run for the lead. No one could hang onto the lead, in fact, it's theorized that over 70 lead changes occured. spason23 & drewpy420 would fall behind the lead cars of wheelman1313 & Ovac a couple times but every time caution would come out shortly after. The same thing happened when Ovac fell behind. The final caution came out with 55+ laps to go and everyone pitted. It seemed as if everyone would try and make it, until spason23 pitted with just 10 laps to go for tyres. wheelman1313, drewpy420, & Ovac stayed out hoping to save enough fuel and with five to go, it was clear they could make it, and the race was on. drewpy420 led over wheelman1313 until drewpy420 got into the wall with 1 to go putting wheelman1313 back in the lead, Ovac 2nd. But drewpy420 would charge back through them all and take the lead in turn 3 on the final lap. wheelman1313 would try to pass but would be blocked, drewpy420 would win the Indy 500! wheelman1313 2nd, Ovac 3rd (just 0.57 behind 1st). spason23 pitted and took 4th (1 lap down). InFiNaTe_MeDuLa took 5th, Darth_Radien ran to the finish for 6th, Teffticles and mrmattsly DNF'd respectivly. This makes the 5th different winner in 6 races this weekend.

Indy 500







7-Teffticles DNF

8-mrmattsly DNF

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spason23 Wins The Monaco Grand Prix In Final Laps!

The Monaco Grand Prix is just one of those races that everyone wants to win. Qualifying saw InFiNaTe_MeDuLa and ShadowMechachu run laps but would retire on the starting grid. spason23 would qualify on pole but would lose it to wheelman1313 on the start. Ovac would move to 2nd but be put back in 3rd behind spason23, as wheelman1313 ran away from the field. mrmattsly ran well early pressuring for 3rd before leaving the race in the later laps. As the laps clicked off, it was clear either wheelman1313 or spason23 was going to win the race, just not sure which. wheelman1313 continued to lead spason23, until late in the run when spason23 returned to the lead, only to have to pit himself. wheelman1313 led on with a dwindiling gap behind him as spason23 put the presure on. wheelman1313 was first to make his final pit stop hoping to gain advantage, giving spason23 the lead. spason23 then pitted himself some laps later, exiting right in front of wheelman1313. wheelman1313 would make the pass on spason23 only to be repassed. wheelman1313 would get in front of spason23 once more, only to have spason23 pass him one final time on his newer tyres. spason23 would lead the final couple laps and win the Monaco Grand Prix! wheelman1313 2nd, Ovac (a lap down) in 3rd, mrmattsly retired for 4th, drewpy420 is credited with 5th, InFiNaTe_MeDuLa, & ShadowMechachu are credited with 6th & 7th respectivly.  This was a great race, and only the first of 3 Memorial Day races! See You At Indy!

Monaco Grand Prix




4-mrmattsly (DNF)

5-drewpy420 (DNS)

6-InFiNaTe_MeDuLa (DNS)

7-ShadowMechachu (DNS)

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Ovac/mrmattsly Survive Nurburg 24h!

The Nurburgring, the very name can envoke a number of emotions, depending on your track record. But either way, for the Stars of Legion League took the challenge to run 24 straight hours at "The Green Hell". Ovac grabed the pole in VLN with his Dodge Viper LMS, as wheelman1313 posted the fastet lap in Group N with a Honda Integera R (ShotgunRacing9's lap time was invalidated). The race got underway in damp conditions but quickly dried out allowing Ovac to motor away from his VLN competitors. While wheelman1313 did the same in Group N. ShadowMechachu would soon retire from the race, just 3 hours into the event, while InFiNaTe_MeDuLa (Subaru Impreza) kept the pressure on wheelman1313, taking the Group N lead as daylight began to fade. drewpy420 (Nissan GT-R TC) was running well in VLN with few and far between mistakes, but just didn't have the pace over Ovac in the dry and would go 2 laps down by halfway. ShotgunRacing9 (Ford Mustang) had issues early and retired, only to come back in a Porsche 911 and have great success before retiring from the race officialy. Darth_Raiden (Subaru BR-Z) raced very well in the evening, running fast times and even lapping cars before taking it to the garage for the night. wheelman1313 would have a battle for the ages with InFiNaTe_MeDuLa in Group N before drama of all kinds cropped up. wheelman1313 would not finish the final 4 laps for until halfway. Giving InFiNaTe_MeDuLa a 1 lap lead over mrmattsly (Audi R8 4.2). Just then InFiNaTe_MeDuLa could do no more and officialy retired from the race, giving the lead over to mrmattsly who had 3 laps over wheelman1313 with 12 hours to go. Just after the halfway point the skies opened up again, drownding the track and slowing everyone down, including the VLN battle. drewpy420 fought back hard in the wet, not letting Ovac out of his sights for most of the night, putting pressure on. Back in Group N wheelman1313 tried desperetly to gain his laps back in the night, where he had an accident with Ovac following to close causing wheelman1313 to attempt to avoid being ran into. mrmattsly drove carefully but fast as well, keeping wheelman1313 from making up 2 laps on him in a 4 hour period. wheelman1313 would at least gain 2 back by morning though, making it possible for him to catch mrmattsly if wheelman1313 could keep it going. As dawn broke, morale climbed, as the sun came out and the track started to dry. But suddenly, after 18 hours of hard racing, everyone was having trouble with the wall. It appeared that while the sun was coming up, the drivers were dropping off. drewpy420 & Ovac visited pit road a number of times together, after having unrelated crashes, and one together. drewpy420 would run into mrmattsly as well in a completly accidental crash, both would continue. Darth_Raiden would rejoin the race for a while before officialy retiring from the event with 6 hours left. A while later wheelman1313 would get back on the lead lap, and have 4 hours to come around pass mrmattsly for the lead, but with 2 hours to go wheelman1313 threw in the towel and took his car to the garage after a accident he deemed to be the race ender for him. drewpy420 soon followed as soon as he secured 2nd overall, and mrmattsly did the same a few laps later knowing he could do no better, or no worse. Leaving just Ovac on the track finishing the final hour, and capture the win in the hardest Legion Endurance race there will ever be. Ovac was emotional about winning on at "his" track, saying "No one will understand what this means to me, but this was the one I wanted. I circled it on the calender, and wanted to do it my way (In a Dodge Viper)." drewpy420 would finish 2nd in VLN and 2nd overall, some 10 laps down, but was only 4 laps down prior to going to the garage. ShadowMechachu was credited with 3rd in VLN, being the only other VLN in the field. mrmattsly would win Group N and finish 3rd overall after an epic race and effort by him and wheelman1313 who finished 2nd after calling it quits near the finish. InFiNaTe_MeDuLa would take 3rd, after leading the race some before retiring, Darth_Raiden completed enough laps for 4th in class, and ShotgunRacing9 changed cars and had some fun for 5th in class. The Legion Endurance Series is proud to say it has raised $1,938 USD for Victory Junction Gang Camp For Disabled and Terminaly Ill Kids because of this event. As always we thank you the drivers for your kindness and your time that helps oranizations like this. God Bless You All! LES (Legion Endurance Series) will be back with another 24 Hour, at the world famous 24 Hour Of LeMans next month, see you there!

Legion Endurance is also proud to host two special races next week, the Monaco GP, and the Indy 500. For more information please visit the Endurance page!

Pos.             Overall                          VLN                                  Group N

1.                    Ovac                           Ovac                                 mrmattsly

2.                drewpy420                  drewpy420                        wheelman1313

3.                 mrmattsly             ShadowMechachu               InFiNaTe_MeDuLa

4.            wheelman1313                                                          Darth_Raiden

5.        InFiNaTe_MeDuLa                                                      ShotgunRacing9

6.            Darth_Raiden

7.          ShotgunRacing9

8.        ShadowMechachu

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Ovac/drewpy420 Win Again At 6h Of Spa!

Spa-Francorchamps played host to the next installment of the Legion Endurance series, where LMP & GT classes squared off for 6 hours of hard racing. spason23 took the pole for the GT class in his Camaro LM over drewpy420 (GT-R R35) and Ovac took pole in LMP in the Bently Speed 8 over wheelman1313 (Audi R8 LMP). The stage was set under beautiful clear skies as they launched and Ovac quickly opened up a lead of a few seconds in LMP. Meanwhile drewpy420 got a great start and took the lead in GT. spason23 would eventually pass drewpy420 for the GT lead and gap him a bit while mrmattsly (Audi RS LMS) sat in 3rd over InFiNaTe_MeDuLa (Audi R8) in 4th. Meanwhile Ovac led over wheleman1313 in LMP, as the gap stabilized a bit once it hit around 4 seconds. Darth_Raiden (Audi R8 LMP) ran comfortably in 3rd overall. mrmattsly would become the first retirment (by choice) completing 22 laps. Moving InFiNaTe_MeDuLa to 3rd in GT. Just as drewpy420 moved back into first in the class. In LMP nothing much changed as the overall leaders started to lap the GT cars, until wheelman1313's pit strategy allowed him to take the lead from Ovac and lead two laps before being passed again. Another key pass was made by Darth_Raiden when he lapped then GT leader drewpy420. Putting a full lap between 3rd and 4th overall. The clouds rolled in near the end of the first segment, causing everyone to focus on the weather, as it became increasingly dark around the track. spason23 would retire to the garage for a while with 4 hours to go. Creating space for drewpy420, moving InFiNaTe_MeDuLa in 2nd in GT, two laps behind the leader. In LMP Ovac pulled out a lead of over a minute on wheelman1313 by the half way mark, and Darth_Raiden had 2 laps ahead of 4th overall (drewpy420). The trend continued as Ovac pulled away further until backing down his pace, to reduce risk of an accident. wheelman1313 would begin to close little by litte. The skies kept threatening rain but would just never come to pass, as with 2 hours to go the clouds rolled through and the sun came back out, setting up a beautiful finish. spason23 jumped back into the race for a while but would ultimatly retire for good well short of the finish line. InFiNaTe_MeDuLa would later also retire, with just over an hour to go, knowing he couldn't do any worse than 2nd in class. This cemented drewpy420's GT win, his 2nd in as many tries. wheelman1313 would close the gap to Ovac by 10 seconds or more over the next few tyre runs but wouldn't be able to close nearly in time, citing a couple of half spins may have been to blame. But after 5 hours one caution or a mistake by Ovac would erase the gap. A caution he almost got, when drewpy420 crashed infront of Ovac going through Eau Rouge, causing massive damage to the GT-R, but didn't touch Ovac's Bentley. The last few laps fell quickly as the finish was picture-esk, the four remaining drivers crossed the line together in formation, congratulating everyone on there achivement. Ovac took 1st overall by just over a minute after 6 hard hours of racing with wheelman1313 in 2nd. Darth_Raiden finished 3rd overall 5 laps behind the leaders but 4 laps infront of drewpy420 in 4th overall and 1st in GT, InFiNaTe_MeDuLa claimed 5th overall and 2nd in GT, while spason23 ran 6th overall and 3rd in GT, and mrmattsly took 7th overall, 4th in GT. Some used this race as a test session for the 24h Of Le Mans and the 24h Of Nurburgring, while others just wanted to test themselves, either way everyone learned something important for the future as well as raising money for Speedway Childrens Charities. 1 dollar for every laps completed was donated to the organization, for a grand total of $856 Dollars. Legion would like to thank all of its drivers for there time and generosity! That's about it from Spa-Francorchamps LES (Legion Endurance Series) will be back in 2 weeks for the most demanding 24h race of them all, the 24h Of Nurburgring, see you there!

Pos.              Overall                        LMP                              GT             

1                      Ovac                         Ovac                        drewpy420 

2               wheelman1313         wheelman1313          InFiNaTe_MeDuLa

3                Darth_Raiden          Darth_Raiden                  spason23

4                  drewpy420                                                     mrmattsly

5            InFiNaTe_MeDuLa                                                                  

6                   spason23                                                                          

7                   mrmattsly                                                                           

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Ovac Wins 6hr Of Nurburgring For McLaren!

The members of Legion League decided to fill there empty Sunday slot with a impromptu endurance race at the Nurburgring in, get this, any production car. A good mix of cars showed up, among them the pole sitter wheelman1313 in the GT-R Black Edition. Followed by drewpy420 in a GT-R SpecV, then Darth_Raiden in a McLaren MP4-12C, followed by spason23 in a Corvette ZR1, then InFiNaTe_MeDuLa in a R8 4.2, and Ovac in a McLaren F1. The race got underway just after 12:00pm (game time) witha dry track and under overcast skies. Soon after the start Ovac made his way from the back to the front, while drewpy420 & InFiNaTe_MeDuLa struggled early having several accidents in the early laps. wheelman1313 & Darth_Raiden & spason23 had some offs later, most of them not serious enough to give any damage spason23 would make it as high as 2nd before leaving the race just a few hours in. InFiNaTe_MeDuLa would also leave the race some laps later, being as high as 4th after recovering from his early accidents. wheelman1313 was a solid 2nd in the dry but would constantly loose time to Ovac in the McLaren. A quarter way into the race, the sky opened up, raining lightly, damping the track. Before the track could get wet enough for the GT-Rs to gain an advantage, it skies stopped and began to try out again. Disaster then struck as the race was halted due to a room crash, Ovac would have to give up his 6 minute lead and go 7 minutes behind the leader (a lap down). Darth_Raiden would assume the lead as the race continued and would lead the remaining 7 laps to halfway but wheelman1313 was closing by multiple seconds a lap and would close the gab to tenths by the time Darth_Raiden made it to half way point before wheelman1313 retook the lead of the race. Meanwhile drewpy420 & Ovac kept plugging away, making up a few seconds a lap on the leaders in the now 100% wet conditions. The weather had a bit of a sense of humor though, as it stopped raining slightly drying the track, only to start raining again, keeping the track in a constant state of limbo messing with the drivers heads and there tyre strategy. Eventually as the track dried out enough, even though it was still raining slightly, to consider making the switch off full wets. Darth_Raiden struggled in this stage, falling to 4th, while drewpy420 & Ovac contiuned making up a little bit of time every lap. As the track dried, Ovac gained pace on the GT-Rs and eventually made his way back to 2nd place. wheelman1313 would soon later have a massive accident in the middle of the track, allowing Ovac to make up 2+ minutes. And it just got worse from there, wheelman1313 would have yet another accident soon after than would allow Ovac to retake the race lead, and after some battling for position, Ovac broke away from a hard driving wheelman1313, who would, yet again have a crash, only this time was near pit road. As if wheelman1313's day couldn't get any worse, he dropped out of the race, due to a lost connection with just an hour and half remaining. The track had finally dried, and the sun came out as they approached the finish, everyone thankful to see the finish finaly come into sight. And as simply as it started, the race was over as the clock hit zero. Ovac would clearly take the win over drewpy420 in 2nd, and Darth_Raiden in 3rd "Great race guys, holy crap....holy crap" Ovac exclaimed in relief. wheelman1313 finished 4th, InFiNaTe_MeDuLa retired early for 5th, and spason23 retired even earlier for 6th. It's worth noting that Ovac swept the weekend, winning the Special Stage, a Qualifying Race, The Cup Race, and this Endurance race, a very rare feat. As always Legion has a Charity in mind, this race's charity was the Nurburgring itself. The Nurburgring has recently gotten into some money problems. Legion will be donating £6 per lap, per driver. Amounting a total of  £1,110 in donations given to the Nurburgring. Legion would like to thank everyone involved in this event, without your support, and your charitable contributions, Legion wouldn't be one of the most successful and helpful Leagues in the virtual world. You guys Rock!

Save The Ring 6h Of Nurburgring




4-wheelman1313 (DNF)

5-InFiNaTe_MeDuLa (DNF)

6-spason23 (DNF)

Ovac/Drewpy Claim 24h Of Daytona Win

Several Entered, Few Finished in this 2nd installment of the Endurance Series. Ovac was the standout in DP, as he was the only one to complete all the segments in route to class and overall victory. Darth_Raiden kept cracking on to finish 2nd in class after missing several segments. ShotgunRacing9 finished 3rd in class completing just part of a single segments. Nasfire also turned out completing part of a segment before having issues and finishing 4th in class.

    The GT class full of drama through out as drewpy420 led most of the way in route to GT class victory and 2nd overall. wheelman1313 went several laps down thanks to a a pit stop refered to as the: "Sh*t stop" and spent the majority of the race trying to catch up. Once he did he struggled to stay away eventually parking the car for 2nd in class and 3rd overall. ShadowMechachu kept cracking on through all the additional pit stops due to damage and finished 3rd in class & 4th overall. peetr33-95 was also involved in GT only completing a segment and a half before retiring for 4th in GT. Like last time, Legion had a charity in mind. This time it was Victory Junction Gang Camp for kids. Legion raised over $1,200 for there cause!


                Pos.        Overall                            DP                                      GT             

                  1            Ovac                            Ovac                               drewpy420

                  2        drewpy420                Darth_Raiden                    wheelman1313

                  3     wheelman1313          ShotgunRacing9                ShadowMechachu

                  4  ShadowMechachu               Nasfire                              peetr33-95

                  5    Darth_Raiden

                  6     peetr33-95

                  7   ShotgunRacing9

                  8         Nasfire

wheelman1313 Claims First 24h Endurance Win!

When something is new, it's hard to know what to expect, but that is what makes Legion different from every other League. Raising the bar on what Sim racing can be. Never before attempted, Legion would race for 24h straight around the clock and around the globe doing 4 hours at each select circuit, winning points for a Championship ran in just 1 day. Ovac started off strong winning both Daytona Road Course & Laguna Seca in his Dodge Viper race car, but connection issues would plague him the rest of the duration, opening the door for the other drivers. drewpy420 was first to walk through the door passing Nasfire & wheelman1313 on the last lap to win the 3rd race at Suzuka, his first Legion win. wheelman1313 then took over winning the next two races at Le Mans & Spa, and took over the lead in the standings. Finally after 20 hours of racing, they remaining 4 drivers of wheelman1313, drewpy420, Darth_Raiden, & Ovac took to the Nurburgring. After more disconnections, just wheelman1313 & Darth_Raiden remained. As the clock showed 24:00.00, Darth_Raiden crossed the line first, winning his first Legion event as well. The race was over, and wheelman1313 had came out victorious. "It's been a privilage to race with such a talented lot of drivers and for a great cause (Extra Life). Of course the whole series was started to help charities through video games. In it's efforts Legion raised around $2,000 for a Childrens Miracle Network Hospital of wheelman1313's choice.