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Est. 2011

        October Seventeenth, Two Thousand And Seventeen

     Somewhere in a dark dusty corner of a room somewhere on PSN Network, a small group of Legion League refugees sat and reminisced about years and races past. After many hours of chatting about old times the small group decided that GT Sport should be where Legion League reunites to tear up the asphalt again. It was at this time the small group reconnect with some old friends and did just that.

    Okay so real talk, Infinite_Medula is back, with a new name, and it made some us think about the past and future of Legion League. A small group of us have decided to get the League back together in GT Sport. As far we have no dates other than obviously playing on release day and familiarizing with the game and controls. 
    Until then you may find us on Project C.A.R.S. some nights just bidding our time until GT Sport's arrival.

On a side note welcome back Infi! We are all glad your back after several years away!